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Professional Development

The right training is key to achieving your career goals. SMPS Charlotte offers a variety of professional development resources to meet the diverse and changing needs of our membership.

CPSM Certification Program

Our CPSM Study Group series prepares aspiring Certified Professional Services Marketers, or CPSMs, for certification. This annual series typically begins in the fall and wraps up in the spring shortly before our Southeastern Regional Conference, or SERC. SMPS Charlotte ranks 4th nationally in number of CPSMs per chapter.

Our CPSM Study Group reaches out to local and neighboring chapter members through in-person and remote conferencing, reaching candidates as far away as Kansas City!

2019 - 2020 SCHEDULE

Domain 1

Week of November 11th

Scheduled for 11/11 at DAS Architecture, 11:30 am - 1:30 PM

Domain 2

Week of November 18th

Domain 3

Week of December 2nd

Review Domains 1-3

Week of December 9th


5 weeks (Holidays)

Domain 4

Week of January 20th

Domain 5

Week of January 27th

Domain 6

Week of February 3rd

Review Domains 4-6

Week of February 10th


1 week

Overall Review Domains 1-6

Week of February 24th

Test week

Week of March 2nd


CPSM Testimonials:



"Sitting for the CPSM exam shows your dedication to the field of professional services marketing, the credentials set you apart. They show your current employer, future employer and colleagues that you are willing to take the extra step to become certified – it is one your personal differentiators."

Sara Downing, CPSM - Past President


“After having been in the professional services marketing industry for more than 20 years, becoming a CPSM validated my expertise, experience, and knowledge, both personally  and professionally.”

Mary Thompson, CPSM - Senior Marketing Coordinator, RS&H


"Becoming a CPSM is a matter of doing the reading, studying and taking an exam. Being a CPSM is so much more. While your colleagues and maybe your boss may applaud your efforts the applause you give yourself is what makes it worth the trouble. Your CPSM lets you make decisions with confidence. You know the right thing to do in your profession. It makes all the difference."

Kathleen Chambers, CPSM - Marketing Director, S&ME


“Being the first person to become a CPSM within my company, I was recognized by my firm and given access to more educational opportunities. The certification connects me with a distinguished group of professionals, increasing confidence in my abilities and positively impacting my professional development.”

Jenn Stuart, CPSM - Business Development, Holder Construction


"The CPSM certification adds credibility to marketing and business development in the AEC industry. It sparks a conversation with the technical/field oriented staff about what CPSM means and validates the importance of our role in the built environment. The CPSM certification also opens a whole other network of connections on mySMPS that have helped me personally at the drop of a hat!"  

Emily Crandall, CPSM - Director of Marketing, JLL


"Preparing for my CPSM exam really challenged me to apply my day to day work experiences in a more mindful way. I also realized that in the chaos of proposals and deadlines and conferences, I had not given myself the time to reflect on everything I've learned being in this industry the last decade. This process allowed me to do that and at the same time, validated all of the hard work."

Christina Bisbikis, CPSM


“Taking the CPSM test is a dedication of time, but well worth it in the end. Becoming a CPSM helped boost my confidence in myself, as others recognized the certification I had achieved. It also pushed me to take the knowledge I gained and apply it big vision planning, as well as daily tasks."

Tracy Sagehorn, CPSM – Marketing Director, Vannoy Construction

For more information about the CPSM program visit the Certification section of the SMPS website. Questions may be directed to Kevin Doyle at 703.549.6117, ext. 232.