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SMPS Charlotte is dedicated to helping our members find the information and resources they need. If you cannot find what you need on this site, contact any of our board members so we can help you.

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Membership Benefits

We often hear how welcoming our group is and how different we are from other professional organizations. When you visit us, you’ll see that our members are friendly and open, coming from some pretty unique backgrounds. Aside from being a great conversation starter, this is what makes our chapter such a great place to be. Members also realize these benefits:

1. Achieve professional development through local and national resources. Learn from industry leaders and tap into a powerful network of training through SMPS Charlotte's monthly programs, regional and national marketing conferences, webinars, marketing forums and more.

2. Network with colleagues and key prospects. Gain valuable exposure for your firm, and build relationships and new business through SMPS events.

3. Get Involved.Participate on chapter committees or the Board of Directors.

4. Stay Informed with SMPS News. Subscriptions to SMPS Charlotte chapter eNewsletter, Connections National eNewsletter, and Marketer magazine are just some of the ways we keep you informed.

5. Access online resource materials. SMPS offers a bookstore, listserv, whitepapers and other research to help you do your job better. Visit Nationals' Member Center.

6. Use our National Membership Directory and Resource Guide. Search SMPS' national network of colleagues and potential business partners through Nationals' online directory and SMPS Charlotte's local directory.

7. Showcase your talent. Submit your firm's most successful marketing campaign or nominate a successful marketing professional during the annual National Marketing Communication Awards program. Highlight your chapter's achievements by participating in the annual National Striving for Excellence Awards program.

8. Use our Career Center. Both SMPS Charlotte and National's Career Center publish current job openings from firms looking for professional marketers and business developers in the A/E/C industry.

9. Give back to the community. Our chapter offers a growing number of ways to come together, have fun, and support our community.

10. Position yourself as a leader. Earn professional credentials through the Certified Professional Services Marketer Program. Check out our chapter's CPSM program.